Selfish People Who Think The World Is Turning Around Himself

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Selfish people can see every moment of our lives. Selfish people don’t want to wait in line, they want their work done first. They do not queue, they do not know how to wait at the traffic light red. Their time is worth more than anyone else, the prohibitions that apply to other people or unethical behavior in society do not apply to them. They make all kinds of jokes to others, but they themselves can never lift the joke. While everyone is asleep, they can turn the music to the fullest because they don’t care about the discomfort of others because they are not disturbed. Most characteristics of selfish people are common. Their most distinctive features are that they see themselves as superior to everyone and therefore expect privilege. Because they see themselves in the center of the world. A Selfish Person I’m Living in a Memory; On the first day of the week, which was the busiest day of the week, I had a job at the bank on Monday. Everyone from the digital board was getting up according to the number they had and moving towards the box office to have it done, and everything was going…

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