What Does Mediation Mean in Law?

June 1, 2019

There is a constant need for lawyers in every society where there is justice and law. A lawyer is a person who is trained in law and legally represents and advocates the rights of people in court.

Do you need lawyers?

Yes there is for sure. In ancient times, the judges looked at the courts and they were the only ones to decide. Now judges and prosecutors make their decisions in courts within the framework of previously issued laws. When people commit crimes and go to court, lawyers represent persons who can be considered to be guilty or guilty, or who wish to exercise their rights.

With the advancement of technology, divorces have increased significantly due to the desire of people to live alone or for certain reasons. When this happens, the lawyers

the need is increasing day by day. Because divorces and other incidents are so high, the courts cannot reach all of them because the defendant and plaintiffs have increased. So now some lawyers are mediating some not-so-big events, so they are mediating between the two sides so that the event does not grow further and be brought to court.

Definition of mediation

In a private law dispute, the parties shall be obliged or voluntarily; is to resolve the dispute during the proceedings before filing a case in a neutral and expert third party arbitration. On the other hand, in Turkish law, voluntary mediation is optional, in other words, compulsory mediation system continues in labor law and commercial disputes. In the mediation process and other business litigation process, you can follow the situation yourself or with your solicitor. It is more appropriate to work with a labor lawyer to calculate labor receivables and follow up the process.

The law firm, which serves as a lawyer in Samsun, assists its clients in many matters. It is a structure established by lawyers who have specialized in different branches in their profession by establishing them in 2017 and has adopted the necessities of specialization in the legal system which is still in development and continuous self-renewal. It offers the best service to domestic, foreign individuals and companies with its expert staff.

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  • Erol Tekir June 1, 2019 at 1:03 am

    Günümüz dünyasında ben kendi adıma yasa ve hukuk cizgisinde sapmalar olduğunu düşünüyorum.Çok fazla bu çizgide mağduriyetler var.İnsanların yasal haklarının korunması vijdanların terbiyesi ile mümkündür.

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